Guests of Apollon


39 thoughts on “Guests of Apollon

  1. Camilla and Nicolai

    Der var mug i den ost vi puttede på vores pastaret, og måtte sende to fulde portioner tilbage. Men vi blev bedt om stadig at betale, selvom vi sagde at det syntes vi ikke kunne være rimeligt. Så sagde chefen at vi bare kunne lade være med at putte ost ovenpå pastaretten. Det er virkelig dårlig service, og vi endte med at måtte betale for ellers måtte vi snakke med politiet sagde de. Uprofessionelt.

  2. Jakob & Tatjana

    A very nice restaurant. A warm welcome every time. Very good food? jammie jammie. Good place to eat your diner. Greetz.

  3. Venetta Micklem

    Simply just want to express I’m just relieved I happened on the internet page.

  4. anne &rob

    Still the best in nidri. Cant wait to see you again in may.xx ps love your aftershave!!

  5. 2 Germans

    Thank you for the “Vitamins” the very good meals and your warm welcome. two weeks in August 2016. Love your Restaurant and nice iland

  6. The 3 Austrians

    Thank you for the warm welcome every evening we where there!
    Thanks to the outstanding staff.
    Thanks for the “vitamins” before and after the very good meals.
    And last but not least: thanks for the sweet carrots 😉

  7. Mr T

    Awesome as always the best in nidri, nothing is to much trouble please more ouzo tan is haha

  8. Ellie

    Mr Yiannis wasn’t wrong when he said it was the best restaurant in Nidri! The staff are brilliant and the food is incredible. Thank you Mr Yiannis and the waiters for making our meals memorable. We’ll be seeing you next year!
    Ellie, Mel and Paul x

  9. StephanY

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  10. Drew & Dave

    Thanks for a hartwarming welcome and the nice food in your restaurant. See you again in september!

  11. The Finns

    Third time in Lefkas and every year we choose to eat at Apollon: excellent restaurant, good food and the best service ever! Thank you all and especially Mr Yiannis, we love your restaurant. 🙂

  12. brigitte

    Lovely place, nice view, good staff, beautiful restaurant and very good food. The best in Nidri!

  13. Gerd Unni

    Stayed in Nidri for 1week from 27th of May, visited Apollon 3t, wish it would have been more times..already looking forward to come back next summer 🙂 !! XX

  14. Ants and Ann-Marie

    When we were visiting Nidri 5 years ago your were the definite nr 1 restaurant. And after our visit a week ago we are even more delighted. Thanks to all of you for your hospitality, excellent food and very kind service.. Superkiitos.

  15. Peter and Barbara

    One in a
    Million. Good food, excellent staff with truly genuine customer focus. Please go and see for yourself.

  16. Renate

    Wat een heerlijk restaurant. Leuke bediening, mooie inrichting en super schone toiletten. En niet te vergeten het heerlijke eten! Top.

  17. Marjon Verhagen

    What a great restaurant, the food was great. Very good service! And nice people, I’ll be back soon.

  18. Thom

    Great restaurant. Delicious food, the best in Nidri (and maby Lefkas) See you next year!

  19. Jenny

    Wauw….. amazing food. We thought the food was good last year this year is the best!!!! We enjoyed the dinner! Best restaurant in Nidri!!!

  20. Jeannet and marco

    We like and love the nice people and the food at your place , hope to see you soon again !

  21. Jeannet and marco

    We like and love the nice people and the food at your place , hope to see you soon again !

  22. Eltjo

    Simply the best in Nidri, very good food and don’t forget the drinks! Friends, I’ll be back soon.

  23. Gunnar

    The only problem I see with Apollon is that I can only eat there two weeks every year.. Fantastic restaurant. One of the reasons to come back to Nidri every summer

  24. Annelies

    Great view, nice staff and amazing food. Apollon is my favorite restaurant! See you in june! xxx

  25. dirk

    very good,
    good service.friendly staff in for a chat
    when you are in nidri visit will not regret it

  26. Jo

    The best restaurant in Nidri. Apollon is a must if you visit Lefkas. Beautiful website by the way. See you comming summer.